“A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”

These words, written by English poet Alexander Pope, express the idea that having a small amount of knowledge on a certain subject can mislead people into thinking that they are more expert than they really are, which can lead to mistakes being made.

Of course, there are many things where it would be cheaper and easier to do yourself; you don’t need a carpenter to put a shelf up, you don’t need a landscape gardener to mow your lawn and you don’t need a seamstress to sew on a button. These things, however, require only basic knowledge to ‘get the job done’.

There are certain things that you would always get a professional in to do because, simply put, they know how to do it and you don’t, for example, you would always get a plumber or electrician in to fix a plumbing or wiring problem in your house. If you were to disregard the knowledge required to do either of these things effectively or safely and do them yourself, the consequences of making a mistake could be extremely costly or even deadly – you could flood your house or even die from electrocution.

Extreme consequences can also occur from a DIY Will. A single mis-spelled name, a signature in the wrong place or a wrong date could render a Will invalid. If this happens, your estate will be divided up according to the rules of Intestacy, the same rules that apply if you had never made a Will in the first place. Under these rules, unmarried partners may receive nothing, and spouses may receive far less than they expected.

“When Wills go wrong, people may lose their only source of income, property is left in limbo, and the financial and emotional cost of dealing with the fallout can be huge.” – Gillian Guy, Citizens advice

The problems with DIY Wills are exacerbated if you have a complicated estate. Having a blended family, bankruptcy or divorce can lead to many problems down the line with a DIY Will.

With a professionally written Will, however, these factors will be taken into account.

A professionally written Will can save your family a great deal of financial and emotional turmoil

Because of all of these issues and risks, it is the best option to speak to a specialist who will take detailed instructions on exactly how you want your assets to be distributed, pay diligent attention to detail when drafting your Will, confer with you if you want any changes made after the initial draft and help you through the process of signing and witnessing the Will.

Most solicitors and estate planning companies charge between £100 and £200 for a single Will. We, however, are currently running a special promotion on our professional and bespoke Will writing service for just £47. For only an extra £27 from what you would typically spend on a DIY Will, you can have a Will that is guaranteed to be legally binding as well as peace of mind that your assets will be distributed in exactly the way you want them to as a result.

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