Terms of Business

Terms of Business


The ‘Company’, shall mean Town & Country Law Ltd.

The ‘Client’ shall mean anyone instructing the Company for the provision of Will Writing Services.

“Will Writing Services” shall mean the provision of Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Trusts, Funeral Plans, Severance Documents and other ancillary documents, services and advice as required or given as part of the Estate Planning process.

“Estate Plan” shall mean the overall review of your requirements including Will Writing Services, inheritance tax planning, funeral planning and other ancillary services.

“Documents” shall mean Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Severance documents or any other legal document produced as part of the Will Writing Services defined above (iii).



At the initial appointment, we will consult with you to determine what it is that you wish to achieve through your Estate Plan. Your detailed instructions will be taken and we will provide our service on all matters relating to your Estate Plan requirements. Town & Country Law in no way provides legal or tax advice.

Once your instructions have been taken, we will create draft versions of all appropriate documents relating to your Estate Plan and these will be sent to you.

We will then contact you by telephone, email or letter where any queries or questions will be answered and we will provide you with a full explanation of the terminology used in your Estate Plan documents.

If we are asked to provide you with a further copy of the final document as a result of your failure to correctly amend the final draft then the Company reserves the right to raise an administration charge of £25.00 for each document subsequently reproduced.

Signed and witnessed documents are returned to us, whereupon we will undertake a final review and register the relevant Estate Plan documents with the appropriate governing bodies.



Comply with your instructions with reasonable skill, care and expedition appropriate to your needs.

Provide you the best service, the provision of the service may include detailed information to take further action, which may incur further fees or payments to third parties such as; the courts, other professional advisers or insurance and investment providers. In such cases full details of these costs will be given to you in advance. If you do not act on any or all of the advice given you may be asked to sign a declaration to this effect absolving the Company of any liability thus arising.

At all times, maintain the strictest of confidentiality and we will never pass your details to any other organisation or individual without your express written permission unless legally required to do so. Where we do work with 3rd party companies for specialist legal document production we will let you know in advance and clearly explain why this is a necessary action.

iv. Comply fully to the spirit and wording of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), April 2016.

Offer a chargeable attestation service that supervises the signing and witnessing of your Documents at your home. The Company will not take responsibility for ensuring the validity of your Documents where the attestation service has not been taken up and the execution supervised by a representative of the Company. The signing of your Documents must be carried out according to the law of England and Wales otherwise your Documents will not be legally valid. All Documents will be supplied to you with full written instructions of how these should be completed at your home or information on how to do so via the post and over the phone.

Refund any money paid in respect of the preparation of your Estate Plan should you change your mind within 14 days from the date of taking your instructions. After the expiration of this period the Company reserves the right to charge you the full cost of the services you have instructed the Company to provide. You will be provided with an itemised invoice for any charges.

If we accept a deposit on acceptance of your instructions for our services, then the balance of the total fee cost is immediately payable on submission of the draft documentation to you by post or in email form.

The company reserves the right to charge interest if a second payment is not made on draft as agreed. 8% per annum.

When offering a Will storage service, the Company does not accept any liability or obligation to advise you of any changes in legislation or taxation which may affect you either directly or indirectly and that may necessitate a review of your Documents. Our best practice guidelines recommend an Estate Plan review every three years and on the occasion of any material change in your circumstances, such as divorce, marriage, the birth of children or the inheritance of a large sum of money etc.

When the Company cannot legally or practically follow the client’s instructions, the company will explain any differences between the client’s instructions or expectations and the documents and/or services actually provided.

Where the company or its associate Town & Country Law Limited is appointed to act with the administration of the estate, a fixed fee Probate service is charged at 2.49% of the gross value of the estate. We work with trusted solicitor Partners who manage all legal aspects of the estate administration for you.



To disclose all relevant facts and answers to all the questions asked to allow the Company to provide accurate advice and to produce an effective set of legal Estate Plan documents. The Company shall not accept liability in respect of information which was not disclosed, and therefore not documented by the person taking your instructions, and which comes to light at a later date as being of relevance and which may affect the validity or content of your Documents or advice given.

To pay the fee due for the provision of Will Writing Services in full and in accordance with the terms of our invoice.

When using the Company’s attestation service, arrange for all witnesses to be present at the time of the execution of your Will and signing of the Documents.



The Company is committed to providing you with a high-quality service. An essential part of that service is that we will communicate effectively with you so that you are kept informed of progress and we will explain any technical jargon in such a way that the client can demonstrate their under standing of what has been advised.

During the consultation meetings, our advisors are required to make a judgemental decision regarding mental capacity and should any concerns be raised then we will notify accordingly and stop the Will Writing Services.

The Company maintains a full complaints procedure to which any complaint should be addressed. If you have a complaint, please contact Town & Country Law Ltd (0800 7999 246) E3 The Point Weaver Road Lincoln LN6 3QN with full details of your complaint. You may request a copy of our Complaints Procedure for further information.

If the matter is unable to be resolved to your satisfaction you may refer it to either your local Trading Standards Department or an independent Solicitor.



I am a consultant of Town & Country Law. I will make recommendations and give information with regards to your Estate Plan requirements.

I aim to treat customers fairly, without prejudice or judgement.

I will keep all of your information confidential (in line with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), April 2016).

I will not charge you an additional fee, and I will not receive remuneration from you. I am remunerated by Town & Country Law Directly.

I will not discuss any products and services other than those provided or serviced by Town & Country Law.

I/We accept the above terms of business and agree to abide by them and to be bound by them and understand the roles and responsibilities of all parties.

I/We understand there is an £82.50 registration fee per LPA that is an additional charge on top of any monies paid.